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Aperol at the Sunsetter Festival

The Challenge

Aperol approached us wanting to increase their brand presence and assert themselves as the drink of choice at the Sunsetter Festival in Auckland. Our task was to capture the vibrant, effervescent nature of the spritz and translate it into an environment for all to enjoy.

The Idea

To utilise the distinguishable brand colour throughout the space to create an immersive Aperol experience


With the full support of the Aperol team behind us our creative team got busy envisioning how to maximise the presence in the space given. After the renders had been presented back to the client and signed off it was up to our fabrication team to bring the site to life. 


Working with such an engaging colour we kept to a modern, minimalist theme. We constructed a glossy, monochromatic bar accented with pops of white to add interest and draw the eye to the bar structure. The back of the bar doubled as a media wall and set a summary atmosphere for the garden area. The two toned theme ran throughout the space via branding and choice of white hire furniture, creating a cohesive experience.


The Result


Overall we created a premium bar experience with the playful aesthetic we aspired for. With the support of Aperol behind us we were able to make sure the truest expression of the brand and present it to the public in a unique and memorable way. We are so pleased with how well this whole experience came together!

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