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Honesty Box Case Study

The Challenge

In the midst of a global pandemic our attention as a country has been focused on how to best support locals and their businesses. The In Group recognised that Countdown have always been big supporters of local suppliers and came to us to help them communicate the importance of buying NZ grown produce to their shoppers. Our focus was on creating an experience that highlighted the quality produce local farmers provide as well as reiterating the support local rhetoric in a unique and engaging way.

The Idea

To create x7 displays to be sent throughout the North Island to Countdown stores and create a lasting impression with consumers via an engaging activation:


After the initial briefing from The In Group our creative team went away and put together concepts and renders to present back to the client. A collaborative effort between our creative and fabrication teams, delivered a final design with a real farm to table feel and drew inspiration from honesty boxes found on rural roads. Challenged with how to make these displays durable, transportable and easily assembled by local brand ambassadors, our build crew sourced a variety of materials to fabricate the stands out of, achieving both practical and stylistic aspects. The expression of support needed to feel genuine and add an unexpected element so the produce on display was given to shoppers for free as a way to connect the people to the farmers and hopefully inspire a lasting commitment to support businesses that back locals.


The Result


Overall the campaign came together with the organic aesthetic and community feel we aspired for. Working closely with the client and design team allowed us to execute a campaign that ticked all the boxes. Most importantly the client was satisfied with the results. We are so stoked to have had the opportunity to work with The In Group and Countdown on such an important community driven project.

Countdown Growers - Countdown Kerikeri -

Natalie Fabrin / The In Group.

We are so thrilled with how the campaign went – the units worked brilliantly and Countdown are really happy.


Thank you so much for all your efforts and support on getting these made.

Many thanks.

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