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Thankyou Case Study

The Challenge

Thankyou came to us to increase their brand awareness and inform consumers that they are a social enterprise who donate 100% of their profits to alleviating poverty. Our task was executing a campaign which exposed consumers to Thankyou’s premium products and scents, while simultaneously educating  them about the greater purpose. A key focus was creating a brand experience that would prove compelling for consumers, both in person and those viewing the content online.

The Idea

To maximise brand exposure the campaign was split into three segments:


Supermarket Activation /

Following the presentation of mood boards and concepts for discussion with our creative team and the team at Thankyou, we delivered a final design inspired by a scandi aesthetic. Two plywood display units were custom built in house, the organic material being light enough for convenient transport and a subtle nod to the products naturally derived ingredients. The finishing touches took the form of a bespoke perspex display unit, storage cube and fragrance holder, offset key messaging text over a fragrance brand colour vinyl backdrop and a mirrored top to complete a premium look that would arouse shoppers curiosity. 

Thank you

Stunt /

Building an experience that both conveyed Thankyou’s mission and gave passersby the opportunity to try the hand wash without a water source was a challenge requiring a creative solution. Our concept took the form of a custom fabricated vanity unit that could run discoloured “Dirty” water as an analogy for the hardships faced by those in the third world, once the hand wash is used the water then runs "Clean" to represent the fact 100% of the profit goes towards providing clean water and sanitation products for those in need. 


The Vanity maintained the same scandi aesthetic, two internal tanks were connected to their own pump and wired to a single switch. One containing “Dirty Water” (Black Tea) the other "Clean Water", therefore when the switch was flicked it would kill the dirty water pump and power the other pump running clean water. But how could we ensure the user understood what was going on? We mounted what appeared to be a regular mirror but was actually our state of the art mirrored digital LED screen above the basin, creating an authentic bathroom feel. When someone approached the unit, the screen was triggered remotely to guide them through the stunt via the display of instructions and Thankyou’s key messaging. 

3D Billboard /

Following the stunt we installed a 3D Billboard to ensure any curious passersby who didn’t get close enough to the stunt could see the billboard maximising the exposure offered by a prime site off Ponsonby road. The billboard kept in theme with the stunt, using a full size mirror panel, offset black acrylic lettering and a curved steel shelf. To really bring the billboard to life we mounted a bottle of Thankyou hand Lotion so people were still able to sample a product and take in the key messaging. 


The Stunt proved to be extremely popular with large crowds forming to get involved and watch people participate . The mirror screen proved invaluable on the day as it not only made participation in the stunt intuitive for users with more people taking part, it allowed the crowd to follow along and learn about Thankyou’s greater purpose without having to participate themselves.

The Result


Overall the campaign came together with the premium feel and aesthetic consistency we were striving for. Collaborating closely with the client and design team allowed us to make small adjustments along the way to ensure the styling and fabrication was approved and fully functional well in advance of the respective deadlines. Most importantly the client was satisfied across the board and we had the opportunity to work with a brand we respect and support. 


To find out more about the amazing work Thankyou are doing, click here.

Elly Bray / Thankyou.

This is a people movement. These are the people 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 .
"We can make it happen!" was the response we received from @colab.projects almost every time we had yet another crazy idea 🙌🏼💡 .
For our latest campaign, the interactive road-side bathroom, in-store stands and our 3-D billboards were brought to you by the incredibly clever kiwi's @colab.projects! 👏🏼 .
Passionate, creative and 100% on-board with ending global poverty - we couldn't have found a better team than the LEGENDS at Colab. .
You've been nailing it (literally🔨) since day one, from the brainstorm phase to building in-house and bringing these ideas to life, we’re still mind blown that you guys made this whole dirty-to-clean water situation happen! 🤯

HUGE thanks to the whole team @colab.projects for being part of this consumer revolution, for using what's in your hand to change the world with us 💥

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